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A BC Bestseller!

Alaska Highway Two-Step

Alaska Highway Two-Step
Polestar • 1993

Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best First Mystery Novel in 1994
and a Globe & Mail Editor’s Top 100 Books Pick!

The story follows Mercy Brown, a reluctant psychic and freelance journalist who embarks on a writing assignment-turned-adventure up the Alaska Highway upon discovering her late aunt’s mysterious diaries filled with Canadian dance history and a painful past. Harbour is proud to bring this book back into print!

" of those rare books – a satisfying mystery that has no criminal content whatsoever... even the most hidebound mystery reader is likely to be delighted by this well-written and intriguing tale."
The Toronto Star

"…a worthy successor to her short fiction collection… Woodward interweaves several intriguing narrative threads into this intense first-person tale of (Mercy’s) actual and mental journeys to discover family, past and present, that will give her life wholeness… enhancing this narrative is the delightfully witty voice of Mercy Brown."
Canadian Literature

A BC Bestseller!
Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace • 1990
ISBN: 978-0919591530 • Polestar Press

Two long prose poems and fourteen short fictions inspired by the author's upbringing on a Peace River homestead. Sharp-edged, observant and well-salted with wit, these stories are much-anthologized, from high school and university textbooks to TV broadcasts. First printing, 1990, second in 1995, from Polestar Press. One of three nominations in 1991 for B.C.'s Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.

"Caroline Woodward gives us cause to celebrate. Her first collection of short stories shows us life in a part of this country which has been little explored in fiction – the Peace River area of northern B.C… its characters are interesting, its settings classic. In fact, given a little time and encouragement, Caroline Woodward may do for Peace River country what Alice Munro has done for small-town Ontario."
Canadian Materials

"… a synthesis of memory, imagination and wit that leaves you thumping the table for more." The Vancouver Sun

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